Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Ether

It broke my heart for me to find out what I’ve done
It took a lot for me to see how far you’ve come
And I don’t want to play the villain in this story anymore
With the way the light is hitting me that’s all that I’m good for

‘Cause I was bending
through the ether and it
seemed like someone else’s life
got caught up in the moment
when you know
that nothing else is right
and now I’ll walk away

I’ve had some room to breathe and time to understand
I can’t hold your fragile heart when I have clumsy hands
If the lesson doesn’t sting enough I might have lost a friend
And it’s a terrifying thought I’ll never be this close again

Could it be that I’m alone
Living in place that’s not my home

I could meet you halfway

- Ben Kenney (Maduro)

Ill be home in a week, it will be a new beginning for me, new scenery, fresh start.  Wish my last week or two in SF could have been a little better, but I can't change what's happened now.  I can only say sorry for the pain I caused, and I never intended it to end like it did.

For now however, I have four finals to take care of in the next week.  Two on monday, one on wednesday, and one thursday night.  Friday morning I am leaving for Los Angeles once again.  Southern California here I come.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pretty effin awesome

I'm going home for good...USC, here I come